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Who's That Girl?


Welcome to my new blog/website.  The one that you are used to was a true labor of love and I hope that this one will begin to be as useful and transparent as the original one.  It took three years to get the other one how I liked it but i have learned a lot in that time and hopefully I can communicate easier now. One thing is for sure, whether you choose to spend time with me or with another provider if you take some time and read through this site you will be prepared to navigate the escort industry in not just Louisville but just about anywhere the urge hits you.

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Ice Breaker Basic $50

Taking the Girlfriend Experience to a Whole New Level

This Three-hour session of off and on texting to break the ice is good for several different clients.  

The client uncomfortable booking appointment and showing up with little more than a few photos of the lady he is going to meet.  He wants some reassuring that the appointment isn't actually booked by a middle-aged man in a faraway land.

The client that lives too far away to visit but enjoys my blog and would like to offer support and still enjoy some one-on-one time with me. 

The client with an appointment already booked who would like to have a little flirting, talking, and lite sexting for a sort of foreplay before session.  Makes things hotter.


Ice Breaker Plus $100

Customized For Your Needs

This three day Ice Breaker is three days to learn everything you want about me, share your desires for our time together, flirt, laugh, receive media and engage in sexting with a happy ending.

Day One

Texting off and on where I will answer any questions you might have to ensure you feel confident going forward.  Laugh at some of my silly stories and share any deal breakers for you.

Day Two

Texting off and on about whatever you want.  Tell me what your perfect session looks like and learn what my favorites things to do in a session are.  Hear my expectations and share yours.  Begin flirting and exchange media to get the juices flowing.

Day Three

Texting and sexting on and off.  If interested in a pop then this is when it

happens if you don't give me a different timeline you would like to follow.  

This session is great for the client that needs some assurance that I'm not a middle aged man in some far off land.  He wants to be sure that I am not affiliated with

law enforcement and knows there is no way they would spend three days texting and sexting. 

The long distance client that has followed and follows my blog and enjoys it but lives too far to make a face to face happen but he wants to show his support.  This way he can help out and get some one on one time with me. 


30 Min In call


30-minute local in call.  Pop...massage


60 Min In call 


60 min sessions one on one, girlfriend experience included, pop, massage, and pop again. 


90 Min Incall


90 min incall, girlfriend experience included, pop, massage, pop


Girlfriend Experience Extended

Customized For Your Needs

Book this experience and it will feel like you have a real girlfriend minus all the headaches.  You will get a good morning text/call and through out the day you will receive sweet, flirty texts as well as the regular small talk that could and probably will lead to deeper conversations if that is something you are into.  

This experience is way more than the Ice Breaker sessions.  This is a true back and forth relationship that obviously comes with benefits including some pics and who knows where it may go.

You choose from:

Three Days 50

One Week  100

One Month 200

with the purchase of one month GFE virtual you receive 50 off an hour or longer session.

Three Months 300

with the purchase of three months GFE virtual you receive 50 off an hour or longer session.

Six Months 500

with the purchase of six months GFE virtual you receive 50 off an hour or longer session.

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Welcome to my blog.  I created it to communicate more than ads allow.

There are no fees here and nothing to purchase. 

You may choose to follow the blog so you get an email anytime new content is added.  It is not a must its a choice.

If I were hiring a provider I would want to know who they were, not full history but in general.

How did they end up as an escort? You will find the answer to this question here.

Do they enjoy it?  I enjoy it 98% of the time.

Are they supporting a drug habit or have a pimp? The answer to those two questions are NO.

I am not the perfect provider for any client, nobody is. 

My hope is whether you choose me or not that you take with you information that will make your choice as safe and informed as possible.

Stay safe and horney 

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Book An Hour 0f Pure Exstacy

It's always best to book as far in advance as possible in order to ensure you get the time that works best with your schedule. 

If you find that you suddenly have a window of time and want an appointment, please feel free to reach out. 

You never know.  Typically, I require at least an hour notice but sometimes the cards fall into place.

So always feel free to try..


Thanks for submitting!

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