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A Little Back Story

learn about me and understand more about you by reading my blog below

Welcome to my new blog/website.  The one that you are used to was a true labor of love and I hope that this one will begin to be as useful and transparent as the original one. 

It took three years to get the other one how I liked it, but I have learned a lot in that time and hopefully I can communicate easier now.

One thing is for sure, whether you choose to spend time with me or with another provider if you take some time and read through this site you will be prepared to navigate the escort industry, not just in Louisville, but just about anywhere the urge hits you.

I am a mature woman that after being with the same man up until two years ago I decided it was time to escape the unhealthy life I had been living practically my whole life.

Finding this industry has been a true God send.  Say what you want I have the best job on earth.

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