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Do Escorts Make Money on Mother's Day

Ever wonder what holidays do to escorts business? Are they still making money or do family oriented holidays interfere? It's a good question and there's not a black and white answer. Holidays like Mother's Day typically mean most men are going to be busy pampering the women that raised them and those raising their children.

The good news is that leaves providers with either a day to spend with their mothers or to be pampered themselves. After all many escorts are also mother's.

Does that mean that most providers aren't available on Mother's Day? Always remember that every escort makes their own rules and the one you're interested in might be available.

It never hurts to reach out and ask if a provider has availability. If there is ever a particular date, holiday or not that you need to book try to give as much advance notice as possible. If you do then she might decide she wants to work on a day she normally takes off.

If you do book a session on Mother's Day maybe you could bring a small bouquet of flowers and give them to her when you pay for your session.

Always remember that tips though not required are appreciated and if you tip at the same time you pay for the session your provider can show you how appreciative she is but if you wait and tip her as you leave then all she can do is say thank you. So include it with the initial payment upon arrival.


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