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F#@k Your Husband

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Update: 02/10/2021


04/09/2020 on my original blog.

After receiving a couple messages from women that think it is wrong for me to even question why a woman stops having sex with her husband I decided to do a blanket response.

The number one reason you ladies wanted me to know was that you stopped having sex with your husband because he was a jerk. This is all the excuse a woman needs it seems. But let me challenge you ladies.

If your husband is a jerk when you arent being intimate then its time to see how he is if you ARE fucking him. What do you have to lose? Most likely he will be in a much better mood. In my opinion.

Remember I know your husband's. The good guys, the ones everyone calls keepers. Everyone says all the good guys are taken...problem is they were taken by women who won't fuck them...or leave them.

I still had sex regularly with my husband, despite the physical and mental abuse I endured for many years.

If you are so unhappy that you discontinue intimacy why not leave?

It's not fair to decide someone else is going to stop being touched, hugged, kissed and loved. It's not just sex its intimacy. That's what you signed up for when you said yes to his proposal

If you dont want to leave you should fuck your husband any time he wants. Think about it. What's the easiest way to keep a man happy? Blow jobs on demand, anyone? Yep, I said it.

It doesn't have to be blow jobs, unless that's something you can get into like me or you do because he likes it . Maybe it's what you like too.

If you arent going to leave you shouldn't quit on the relationship.

Isnt it uncomfortable when you know he needs you and you just ignore him? That's cruel. It's almost impossible to be happy if the person you live with isnt.

Think about it. It might take 30 mins...actually 15 at the most since he will be so turned on by your enthusiastic effort to make your relationship something you both can be excited about and proud of..

This isnt all about him because guess what, he wants to make you enjoy it too. Let go and enjoy him touching, rubbing and even fucking you. Its amazing. If you want it tell him. He loves you and you are sexy to him. So stop punishing yourself and fuck your husband.

I promise if you do the only thing that can happen is you both are happier and life is much more exciting. Don't depend on romance novels to bring heat to your bring it. You hold the cards. To your husband you are a bad bitch. Promise....he told you that when he married you.

Ever wish your relationship was exciting like it was in the beginning? All you have to do is start being intimate again. Isnt that what's different?

Be spontaneous and make sure he knows it's okay to be spontaneous too. This is your husband, go for it.

No excuses, so what you're heavier and dont feel as sexy, get over it. He wants to fuck you.

You have a health condition? Well unless you are dying...start living. As a matter of fact even if you are dying if it's possible, enjoy it. It might be your last chance. It could be his last chance with you. Don't deprive yourself or him of that.

If he wants to go down on you by god let him. Actually tell him he isnt getting any kitty if he won't kiss her hello first.

Make sure you get to orgasam because getting you off turns him on more than anything anyway. So you get off and he thoroughly enjoys it, win win. I dont care if he has to kiss your kitty for two hours. You will let him take a break maybe

If women did that I would barely have enough clients to pay my electric bill.

True Story!!

So enjoy the power you have to be happier, and make your husband happier too. He will seem like less of an asshole while he is licking your pussy I promise.



They will help you make a safe plan to escape. Leaving is the most dangerous time so please call the number and make a safe plan to leave. *****

Everyone else needs to leave or fuck their husbands because girl you deserve to enjoy being fucked too.

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Fred Kane
Fred Kane
Oct 31, 2022

Please, pretty please, with sugar on top. You're getting a subject not talked about nearly enough

Oct 01, 2023
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I know it's my cause I yell it proudly

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