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Have An Expert Rate Your Dick Pic

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Anyone that knows me at all knows I am not a fan of receiving unsolicited dick pics. Guys have no idea what it is like for a female online. I bet you are rolling your eyes and thinking of course you get dick pics, you are an escort.

You're right. Why fight something I will never be able to control? Its not like it actually offends me. If you are going to send them anyway I might as well embrace it...right? Right?!!

That gave me a great idea.

In case you hadn't realized it I am kind of an expert on penis'. I've seen big ones, tiny ones, long ones, fat ones, hooked ones, big head ones, circumcised and uncircumcised and the list goes on and on.

For a small donation I will rate a pic of your member using just a number scale or I can include an explanation. This will be a rating by a dick expert.

Be sure to include any guidance I might need if you are into humiliation, or want an honest opinion.


Make sure your face isn't in the photo

Check the background for anything that would clue in your partner as to whose member they are looking at.

Put something in the photo that shows scale like a coke can or a

The scale will be from 1 to 10. One being the worst and ten would be the elusive unicorn dick. They are few and far between.

Send me a photo of your dick to see where you fall on my dick scale. Never know if the women in your past were being honest. You never have to worry about that with me.

Send a comparison photo and be compared through text • 15

Rate My Member, number only • 10

Rate My Member, number & description, TEXT • 15

Rate My Member, number & description, AUDIO • 20

Rate My Member, number & description, VIDEO


Any idea what it even is? Click HERE

A quick definition is simple. It's a swagger, confidence, and you know it when you see it. It isn't a physical trait and you don't have to have a dick to have BIG DICK ENERGY. BEYONCE AND GWENYTH PALTROW HAVE IT BUT BRITTNEY SPEARS NOT SO MUCH.

Send me a selfie and I will tell you if you've got BIG DICK ENERGY • 10

So its official you can send me dick pics, but if you dont send the donation before the picture you just might get blocked.

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