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Hot Session Audio

Updated: Apr 9

This is the audio from a session awhile back with a client that loves audio...better than video. He asked if he could record our encounter and he would give me a handsome tip. This is after we had countless appointments that included two overnights. We were really getting comfortable intimately.

After he recorded a couple sessions he said he had something I should post and share with my clients, friends and post on my blog.

He said it was a short period of one session that was exceptionally hot audibly. After I listened I was blown away at how hot it actually was.

If you would like to listen to it the link is below. Be careful this is clearly not safe for work and I would advise headphones because at the end the clients phone rings and for one reason or another he left it in and its kind of loud so beware. I'm working on getting it removed.

Until then just click the photo that says Hot Below.

Then book an appointment so we can begin to know one another good enough to enjoy real intimacy.

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May 09

Absolutely the sexiest thing I e ever heard.

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