How Did You Hire An Escort Before The Internet?

Updated: Aug 26

Ever wonder how guys booked escorts before the internet? I was contacted by a woman who was an escort and owned an agency in the 90's right here in Louisville, KY.

The woman doesnt wish to share her identity because she has been out of the business for many years and most of the people around her have no idea of her affiliation with the sex industry. We will call her Sam.

Sam reached out after I asked Redditt for anyone working in the escort business in Louisville before advertising went online to reach out for an interview..

Sam worked in the business for almost twenty years. She started out working as an escort at 20. She was living alone for the first time after giving birth a year before.

What she shared blew my mind and it will yours too so hold on to your hard ons cause here we go.

Apparently before the internet escorts were found in small local publications in adult XXX theaters that were common in most cities. There are still a few here and there but most are a thing of the past

Finding escorts in the theaters isnt real shocking but THE PHONE BOOK? Thats right escort agencies advertised in the yellow pages.

Would be clients just let their fingers do the walking from A to E in the good ole yellow pages.

There were pages of escort agencies with names like AAA Escorts, AABBA Escorts, and Class Act. Everyone wanted to be the listed first or as close to first as possible.

There were hundreds in the Louisville phone book. Clients would pick which service to call like they pick their horse at a horse the name of course.

They would dial the number and hear something like, "Escort service, how may I help you?" The phone operator would read a pre-written script and then read the descriptions of any girls they had available.

" Jessi is 21 5"7 130 pounds with Long dark hair and hazel eyes."

Or "Amanda is 27 5'6 110 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes, last but not least I have Tina and she is 25 5'8 140 pounds with light brown hair and light brown eyes."

No matter what they always had at least three different options, despite the fact that Jessi, Amanda, and Tina were all the same girl.

The agencies had actual office spaces where the girls had to come and sit and wait if they wanted to work because they weren't reliable enough in most cases to ensure the agency didn't lose money when they couldn't get the girl to the appointments within an hour .

Sam had a two room office. One room was where the phone operator sat and the other room was for the ladies. The ladies room was set up to be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

There were lockers like in high schools along one wall where each girl could securely store anything they wanted for sessions There were two chairs shaped like high heel shoes sitting next to two separate phone lines dedicated solely for the girls to use as they wished. After all this was before cell phones were common. The girls instead were required to carry pagers.

There were two large sectional couches, one of those big screen floor model televisions with every cable channel and game console available at the time.

Two screens made changing in a room full of other girls and even male drivers still private enough. Large mirrors hung on the walls and there were several vanities with every girls favorite beauty products all provided by the agency in case someone forgot something. The whole idea was to keep the girls as happy as possible while hanging out waiting for calls.

Lets get back to the clients first encounter on the phone. If he didn't hear what he wanted or just wanted to check around he moved to the next name he liked.

After calling different numbers with different names most would begin to realize the numbers seemed to lead to the same person though the girls had different names and slightly different descriptions.

Some would ask and the operator would admit proudly that there were 20 or more numbers that came to the same agency so if he wanted an appointment he may as well do it now.

Horny and frustrated guys would admit defeat and choose a profile. It was at this point that he was told the rates.

125 for a half hour includes a lingerie show and a massage

150 hour includes all that plus nudity.

250 was UNLIMITED the session was all inclusive and no set time was assigned.

Most guys asked if that included everything and the operator would say yes. If the guy asked out right if the girl would want more money the operator would giggle and say who doesnt want more money? No worries they were assured that tipping was not required or even expected but naturally it would be appreciated.

If he asked if he could have sex with the girls he would be told NO, you know thats illegal. Most guys just figured they were covering their asses and would book the appointment.

When the escort arrived she didn't knock on your door alone. Though she stood right infront of the peephole and her security stood off the the side so not to be seen.

When the door opened imagine the clients surprise but the provider would explain that everything is OK. This guy is just my driver and he just needs to collect the agencies fee and get him to sign a contract that stated that he was only paying for time and if he asked for anything physical or touched, the contract would immediately be considered broken and the girl would leave and there would be no refunds.

Almost all clients questioned the contract and were told hey this is just to cover your ass and ours. It clearly states you arent trying to hire a prostitute.