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How to Begin Sexting with Your Wife

You probably exchange several texts a day with your wife about the everyday things the two of you work together to keep your world running as smoothly as possible. Would t it be nice if you could inject a little spice into those quick exchanges?

Sexting is a great way to spice up your marriage. It's not going to fix all your problems but it will definitely make texts from home more exciting and if you try it just lead to an exciting encounter.

Start off with a compliment. Everyone loves a good compliment. Say something like:

You looked beautiful this morning.

I can't stop thinking about you in that dress/pair of shorts

You are such a good mom babe and a beautiful one at that

How did I get so lucky to marry you I would do it again.

You want to add a different element to your texts and those compliments will make your wife stop whatever she's doing and appreciate your kind words

They aren't sexy texts but they show your wife that you still notice her and like what you see.

Get into the habit of sending at least one compliment a day that she could come back with something sexy. Even if she doesn't respond the way you hope remember that your words are in her mind and that she needs to feel sexy in order to feel comfortable. You have a lot to do with how she feels about herself.

You don't have to make comments to her about weight gain or stretch marks. If she hears you making little jokes about a plus size celerity or when talking to your buddy she hears you make a careless comment about age, weight, sagging who knows what she will automatically turn it around on herself.

If she responds in a leading way go extra slow and let her set the pace. No matter what every little step is a step in the right direction.

If you feel safe doing so ask her if she is comfortable with some naughty texting. She might surprise you.

Here are some more ideas

  • Remember that 4th of July when we ( describe a favorite sexual experiencewith her )

  • Can you wear those shorts more often your legs are so sexy

  • Tonight I am going to give you a nice massage. You deserve it.

  • I can't get anything done because all I can think about is being next to you.

  • Do you ever fantasize about me because I sure do about you.

  • Tonight I'm going to spoil you

You get the idea. You never know your wife might really enjoy sexting. No matter what the worst thing that could happen is that you say some sweet things to the woman you love.


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