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How To Choose The Right Escort

Take your time when picking an escort. Whether it's your first experience or you're an old pro. Anytime you wish to visit or even revisit a provider (if it's been 6 months or longer) you should check her ads, reviews, and website because things change.

The young woman you enjoyed 6 months ago at her home may now operate from a hotel. Her rates could be different, or she may tour, and you need to allow for more advanced notice.

At the same time, a provider you didn't think was professional when you visited a few months before may be the hottest thing going these days.

People change for the good and for the bad…

Remember, more expensive doesn't always mean better. If you have a small budget, that just means that you need to take more time hunting for the right provider or save more money.

Don't go on pictures alone.

Be sure and read all of their ad, if they have a, website take the time to read as much as possible. This way, you get a feel for the person who you are thinking about spending time with.

If she has rules, follow them and if she asks you to reach out a certain way, do that too.

You should make looking for the right provider part of the fun.

This isn't like hiring a lawn care person. You want someone you feel a connection with.

Try to stay within ten to fifteen years between the two of you. That may push it. remember that intimacy is much more involved than popping.

The booking process is where I decide if I want to meet you or block you.

Pay close attention to how she treats you. If you reach out to a provider, and she is short and cold, then that is the way she will treat you in her sessions.

If she only speaks emoji, and you aren't even positive what an emoji is, then you should keep looking…

At the same time, if you reach out to me and don't include your please share age _____, a first name _______, race ______ you are going to move to the back of the list and the list for my response can be quite long.

Just remember, everyone has a bad day, so try to give her the benefit of the doubt and see if she is better the next time you reach out.


You want to be in a clean, private, and secure location with a provider that is who she says she is. The best way to find out if the ad that caught your eye is a provider in your area is to see how far back her ads go.

Don't book an appointment with anyone who suddenly appears on the scene, and you cannot find any older ads or posts on other escort sites, social media, or reviews.

Look for her in her hometown if she tours. If it were me, I would want to see an extensive online footprint that included at least a website.

Don't fall victim to the ads that are just phishing for horny men to send them cash, bitcoin, and the biggest one is gift cards, especially during the holidays.

Apply common sense and remember if she looks like a movie star and her donations are a quarter of what other girls charged, she isn't real. Most likely a man in some far way land, and he just wants to tempt you enough that you send money in some form or another.

Protect Yourself

It would be smart to use something apart from your everyday phone number. This way you don't get a random text at 3am and your partner sees.

Before reaching out to any provider, download either text now or text free app from your app store. These apps are the latest answer to burner phones.

They are burner numbers, and you pick the area code you want, give an email address (one not attached to you in any way) You can't use your real number because you need to protect your personal information.


PayPal will get your money back if services aren't rendered, but at the same time l have had clients claim services that were rendered were and still they took my money back.

So clients if you are face to face, and you are paying with PayPal you need to send it to friends and family, so it isn't contestable.


Hotels or Residences for In call

I've used both, and I have to say for me, I will never use my home again for business. I had a high-end loft apt and the maintenance man recognized me from my ads, and they asked me to leave. Since then, I have been homeless because of bad credit that my ex created by putting girlfriends up in Apts in my name only to default when they would have problems.

Now No one will rent to me. It's horrible to live this way. If anyone reading this has a house or apt for rent I'm paying almost 4k a month in hotels and have been for a while. Id be willing to pay an extra 500 a month for a chance.

I don't want any roommates and I wouldn't be doing in calls at my home ever again.

Most girls are in hotels, and you should be safe as long as you do everything listed here. Don't miss out on a good provider when you can do a little leg work to ensure all is well.


Sure, I would love it if every guy that visits my blog would choose me, but I'm not the best choice for everyone. I'm probably not the best choice for most because I'm not 22… anymore. Oh, how I wish I were because I'd be making money hand over fist.

HOWEVER, I have a serious soft spot for you guys and want you to get the intimacy you deserve in your lives as safely as possible, with or without me.

I hope you find a provider that will be everything you desire, but remember we aren't near perfect and if her photos seem too good to be true, it is.

Now go discover the right provider for your needs.

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