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If She Only Knew

At night I enjoy sitting outside after everyone else has gone to their rooms for the night. I've been buying Delta 8 and Delta 9 gummies at local smoke shops. Sitting outside just focusing on answering text messages has been nice. The courtyards are beautiful and who doesn't enjoy sitting next to a pool? Answering texts is more than half of my job. The worst half. This practice makes it more enjoyable.

There was a loud bang, so I looked up from my phone. It was the courtyard door. It's always getting stuck. After a third loud thump on the door, in walked a beautiful blonde in her fifties. In one hand she had a drink that was so full it splashed a little with every step. Her other hand was holding a large cigar that she took long drags off of and when she blew the smoke out it smelled sweet.

She asked if it was ok to sit with me. Her accent screamed southern bell...tipsy southern bell that is. I told her of course have a seat.

We sat in silence for a few minutes and then all of a sudden, she looks at me and says, my husband and I saw you today walking to your room. Forgive my forwardness but you have the tightest ass I have ever seen, no fair. How do I get an ass like that she asked. To my horror I looked up and said lots and lots of sex sweetie. It just flew out of my mouth.

She looked at me like I had two heads. Well, my husband would love you I bet. We used to have great sex, but something has changed. Can I be blunt she asked? Sure, I said thinking if she only knew. He is always trying to get me to give him a hand job. I don't want to. Thats no fun for me.

You don't have to I said, but you should. Why don't you want to give him a hand job? A hand job has got to be the easiest sex act there is. She proceeded to tell me a number of inadequate excuses and with each one I said not good enough.

I asked her if she remembered why she married her husband and she said yes but he was different back then. He showed her more respect, attention and he didn't use to be so grumpy

Do you think you've changed at all? I'm willing to bet you use to show more respect for him too.

Please don't say you didn't use to pay more attention to his needs also...right? She agreed. I bet you gave more than hand jobs...I bet there were even blow jobs sprinkled in here and there, I said. Didn't you? Back and forth from her drink to the cigar as if she thinks as long as her mouth is busy, I will move on. It works, sort of.

How many times do you guess you've turned him down when he tried to be affectionate to you? Not even sex just not welcomed his affection.

Too many to count?? Yes, she said.

It's quite possible that besides the normal grumpy that we all get your husband doesn't know whether he is coming or going. Is he that disgusting? Do you have eyes for someone else? Anyone feeling like this for any amount of time is going to be grumpy every now and again.

Remember men don't ask random women to marry them. They hold out as long as they can for the right person. When he asked you to marry him, he figured it was a given that you would be intimate somewhat regularly. Unfortunately, the only measure he had was the sexy cool girlfriend you use to be and not the frigid wife he's watched you become.

Unfortunately, he believed you enjoyed sex because he's only met the cool girlfriend you use to be and not the frigid wife that you've become. Who are you she almost demands? I'm an intimacy specialist. I manage to say with a mostly serious face. I meet men and women just like you and your husband every day. You should think about it. It doesn't take but maybe 30 minutes to give your man a blow job (while seeming to enjoy it)

Are you a therapist? She asked. Not licensed but well-practiced. I responded with a smile. What am I supposed to do with this information? Do me a favor and you make the first move on your man tonight. If you want to just cuddle up next to him and love him that's up to you. I suggest a hand job at least though. We both laughed.

She proceeded to talk about how alike we were and how much she enjoyed hanging out. She asked if I would meet her there again the following night. I assured her I'd be waiting.

The next morning, I had a wake-up session which are my favorites. I just set my alarm for the time brush my teeth and that's about all. My clients want me to be sleepy eyed and, in the mood, to cuddle. In the morning I'm super affectionate so I welcome a big strong stranger into my bed as many mornings as possible.

Afterwards I went down to grab coffee. It was about 10am and while I'm pouring my coffee, I can see my new friend and her husband are all cuddled up smoking in the courtyard. I smiled. Getting on the elevator the door started to close but suddenly they opened back to the same floor.

Joann...Joann...hold on. I hear and a guy says someone wants to get on, so I opened to door for her.

My friend is grinning like the Joker. She is just as beautiful as she was last night but there was something still very different. My husband and I would like to take you out to dinner and drinks tonight. No, I'm sorry I'm working.

Well, my husband wants to speak with you. Oh no, if I said anything out of the way forgive me, I ate too many gummies. I didn't know where I was for over an hour so ignore anything I was harping on last night.

No no... we were standing outside the elevator talking when the bell rang and out walked her husband. He is a tall man. My guess is 6. Foot 4 inches...just a guess. He is a retired FBI agent I learned the night before. Is this Joann he asked? Sure, is babe, she says.

We owe you a thank you. I'm not sure what was said between you two ladies last night, but my wife came back to our room a different person. Suddenly she was willing to get out of her comfort zone of saying no...and she started saying yes. We did things last night that I was positive I would never experience again unless I stepped out of my marriage.

Thank you they both kept saying. glad you two got to enjoy each other. Truly enjoy and keep saying yes...

Pretty awesome huh...I got to speak to a woman and possibly helped their relationship even if it was one night. Who knows it might have really helped. I sure hope so anyway. One down...every other woman to go...ugh

Gotta start somewhere.


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Mar 04, 2023

This is a beautiful story. You really helped this couple repair the broken in their marriage. The spark was all that was needed to ignite the engine that just sat to long without starting. Absolutely beautiful!

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