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Incase of Emergencies

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

If you were visiting a escort and suddenly you began experiencing a medical emergency what would you want the provider to do?  I'm not sure what type of emergency, but maybe you have heart issues or diabetes...

How serious must it be for the provider to call 911?  I'm talking something that must be handled at a hospital..asap.  

For Instance Can I Call 911?

Would you want me to leave the room when the paramedics arrive so nobody saw a woman in the room or would you want me to stay?


Clients are usually more concerned that their wife will learn they have visited an escort than getting robbed in some way. That seems to be the number one concern besides law enforcement. 

The question is would you put your life at risk to hide your secret?

Which Is Why I Thought It Was Important To Touch On this Subject

This scenario is exactly why I don't allow clients to bind my hands or feet.  I can think of several things that could go wrong so, no thank you. 

Even though just thinking of it has me wet. Heck just typing that turned me on. Lol. 

Just gotta have trust and an escape plan if something goes wrong.  There is a movie in the theater that uses that plot.  A wife and husband are flirting with bondage and loving it. They have installed straps to the bed.  In the middle of some hot and heavy sex the man has a heart attack.  Now she is stuck to the bed and cannot escape. I won't tell you the end but it's a pretty good movie if you like suspense. 

What If Your Provider Has The Emergency?

Just the other day a regular of mine told me that twice he had a provider overdose during their session. 

He claimed that he had no idea she used period much less either directly before their appointment or when she used the bathroom. 

This was two separate providers and occasions.  The first time he said she was sober one minute and the next she was on the floor naked and turning blue.  He ended up giving her CPR and chest compressions while calling 911.  

The second time she fell over on him as he laid on his stomach for a massage.  The sound that came from her trying to breathe is called a death rattle.  It was like an extremely loud snore but it undeniably was the death rattle. 

This time he was prepared and had grabbed Naloxone from the needle exchange located in the Health Department in Louisville on Grey Street.  Its free, no questions asked.  He was there all of 10 minutes and got two Naloxone nose sprays. 

He had to give them both to her and thanks to his quick thinking and trip to the Health Dept. You can still find both of their ads on Listcrawler and Tryst to this day. 

This client called 911 both times and if he hadn't one or both may have died.  He said it seemed like the entire police force showed up along with the EMS workers.  

He figured the jig was up for sure but to his delight he was asked a couple questions and then was free to leave.  

One of the officers on scene told him there is a law in Jefferson County called The Good Samaritan Law that was created for situations just like this.  If you call 911 because of an overdose the police won't make arrests.  It was passed because people were being left to die because people around them were scared of being arrested. 

Crazy huh, so be safe and share your stories with me please. 

Please take the time to tell me in the comments or send me an email telling me what your thoughts are on this subject.

 I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. Whether that means, a night on the town or a cozy night in.

Let's hope either way it will be all you need it to be and you will all get as many blow jobs as your heart desires.

You deserve it.  Just don't forget to return the favor.  

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