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Should I Tip an Escort?

This is a frequently asked question, so I figured I would touch on it. All I can tell you about this subject is really about my own personal experience. Most of my clients tip. Some tip more than the donation for my time...this is not expected my any means though it is greatly appreciated, needed, and rewarded. The average tip is 50 to 100 dollars, and I feel so lucky to have such generous and caring clients that want to help support my efforts to better my life. However the clients that tip 10-20 are also rewarded and appreciated.

The most important bit of advice I can give you when it comes to tipping a provider is that you do so at the same the beginning of the session. Bring the donation in an envelope and the tip if you choose to do so in a second envelope. This way if your provider is the type that doesn't run over and count the donation, or even if she is she can tell from across the room that there is an extra envelope.

The reason this is so important is because if you tip her at the end of the session as you are walking out all she can do is say thank you. If you tip at the beginning she can show you just how thankful she is. Without a doubt your provider is going to be more patient, and go that much harder to ensure that you are happy.

If you don't tip you aren't going to be mistreated by any means. I don't expect a tip. Other girls may I am not sure, but for me I do not expect nor require a tip.

Lots of my clients like to tip with gift cards especially around the holidays.

They end up with five gift cards to Amazon and they would rather use the gift as a tip then to buy whatever from Amazon. The best thing about doing something like this is it is almost impossible for your spouse to miss your gift card.

So don't feel obligated to tip your provider unless she tells you otherwise directly or through her site or blog.

Hopefully your experience will be an amazing one that has way more layers than the ones you normally attach to this type of service and if you don't tip the first time she will blow you away and when you return there will be a second envelope to say thank you for offering a service that is so important for so many reasons;

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Fred Kane
Fred Kane
Oct 31, 2022

Great info, always wondered about this protocol

Oct 01, 2023
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