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Show A Little Love

On my original blog I had an Amazon wish list and recently several clients have asked what they could do to pamper me before a session to make the best first impression, or after to send a special thank you.

The Amazon wish list is the perfect answer. Gift cards are great and I obviously welcome them but a lady enjoys a gift randomly delivered.

In no way do I expect that I will get every item on the list. Remember it is a wish list after all. So I'm just wishing.

So if you'd like to send me a little something to get me more excited about our visit thank you. If you live far away but enjoy my blog and wish to contribute to my quest for independence please feel free.

If you cannot afford to do any of those things please know it is not expected or required. My clients do an amazing job of supporting me in all kinds of ways and I appreciate them all.

Remember if you decide to tip that you do it when you pay for the session. That way I can show you how thankful I am. If you wait until the end all I can do is say thank you. 💋



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