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Take Me, Daddy

How are all of you doing? I hope everyone is getting on demand blow jobs and all the attention that every one of you deserve. I'm still looking for the man that I can bless with sex of all kinds however and whenever he wants.

There is nothing hotter than feeling a hard cock brush against me signaling that its time.

Well maybe him sliding his pants off while I'm sleeping on his chest and him forcing my mouth down to his rock-hard dick. No words exchanged, it's time to suck dick.

So, I lick, and suck until he can't help but begin holding my head down and thrust his cock deep into my throat. All while finger fucking me to orgasm.

When he can't hold it any longer, he thrust so deep that his cum just slides down my throat. I slowly suck my way off his dick, and we wake in the morning stuck together.

Sounds pretty hot huh. Love being woken up for sex and aggressive sex is even better.

Is that something you would feel confident doing gentleman? I'm sure yes with me but could you with your wife? She might really like that too. You will never find out if you don't try. Maybe she doesn't want sex because it's not spontaneous and passionate enough.

I know what you are thinking. How can I do this to my wife in the middle of the night? She might have me arrested. No, she won't. If she says no stop of course. Don't be rough the first time with her but be firm. Make sure she can feel how bad you want her. If you cum you have to read her. This is one scenario its hotter that we don't have sex. I'm being taken by my man bursting with testosterone and my panties are getting wet just talking about this scenario.

Damn that has me hot. Hurry someone book an appointment and or at least an Ice Breaker session so I can get this fantasy out of my mind. Please...

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