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Saving For An Escort, Discreetly

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Hiring an escort isn't cheap. That makes coming up with the donation problematic for some. If you share a bank account, which most married couples do, then withdrawing three or four hundred dollars is gonna raise some eyebrows.

Got the best feedback on another way to save for a visit to an escort.  . advice came from a future client and it is the best.  He has figured out a way to make the process into a form of foreplay.

As you mentioned in your post ... taking a large chunk of money from a joint account will always raise a “red flag”. So ... like a good game of chess ... you simply must play the long game.

Nearly everywhere you go these days ... gives you an option to obtain cash with your transaction. Simply do that each time you are able. Yes ... it is a pain to save up $200 in $20 increments. But in a real sense this becomes a part of your own foreplay.

You know what the extra cash is for ... you know you are making an investment in a future activity ... and you should relish every single moment of

In addition ... this then adds extra value to the time when you have finally saved enough to schedule that appointment.

 Our world spends entirely too much time on things that are “quick” or “instant”. We all stand to benefit from taking our time ... savoring the moments ... and allowing anticipation to properly build.

Then when you do get your moment ... savor each and every second ... which will enhance the whole experience.   FUTURE CLIENT

I think this is one of the best ideas so far.  Please keep your suggestions coming in and I will share all that we havent already covered and that make sense.

The people who follow this blog are so giving and I truly enjoy your comments and feedback.  Even those of you who live outside of Kentucky and I will never meet, your messages of encouragement, gifts and support mean the world to me. 

Please keep your emails, texts, comments and positive vibes coming. You all are my support.  The only support I have and thank you. 


I wish you lots of blowjobs and kisses..

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1 Comment

Fred Kane
Fred Kane
Oct 31, 2022

My God thank you for this one

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