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What To Expect Your First Time

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Are you close to booking an appointment or already have but still have no idea what to expect?  It's like going on a blind date x100 as far as your nerves and excitement are concerned. 

Here is a general description of what to expect if you choose to hang out with me.


It embarrasses me to admit that I am not as responsive to perspective clients texts as I should be.  It is two full time jobs though sifting through all the texts I get from men that have no intention of booking an appointment.  

I'm searching for a client that is okay with my incall location, our schedules coincide, the donation is acceptable,  I am acceptable and he meets my requirements as well. 

If you want me to respond asap then be sure you have read my entire ad and you are okay with what it says.  Then go to my website where you will find all the information you should need to decide if you want to make an appointment to see me. 

You will find photos, donation information, rules, advice, and lots more.

When you know which session you would like, on what date and time you desire, then its time to send me a text.  That text should read like this

Hello, my name is, _______,and I am ______ years old.  My race is _______ and I found your information _________. I would like to request a _____ min session, on ______ date and _____time. 

I am wanting to see you in _____,city.

If you text me all of the information above in the first text you will automatically be moved ahead of the guys that reach out this way.

Client: Hi

They aren't trying to make this harder.  They think its more respectful to start off with normal greetings.  Unfortunately, it takes forever to text back and forth

Client: hi

Provider: hello how can I help you?

Client: you are so pretty

Provider: thank you, did you want an appointment?

Client: how are you? Can I get a picture? 

Provider: I'm great, but you just complimented did you do that if you need a pic?

I'm not going further with the example  because dealing with it in real time is enough to make me lose my mind.  

Please, only reach out once you can answer these questions

First Name



City you wish to hang out in

Date requested

Time requested,  give two that work

Where you found my information 

How long you wish to hang out 

If you reach out and I don't respond right away that means I am either with a client, answering other inquiries, or maybe I am taking a break.  Please don't text me and when I don't reply immediately you send some insensitive response as if I should've been holding my phone every moment in case you reached out.  

When I respond to your inquiry if I am available at the time you requested I will let you know that can have that time and date.  I will tell you what general area of town the appointment will be so you can plan your schedule accordingly.   

You will be asked if you are serious about showing up for this appointment. Then I will warn you that there is a cancelation fee of 100 dollars due at or before your missed scheduled appointment if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment.  If you cancel before 24 hours there will be no fee.  

If you owe a cancelation fee and fail to do the right thing and send the fee you will be added to the Do Not See List providers share and blocked.  Until the entire fee is paid you won't be able to make an appointment.   If you do pay it I will apply it to your next appointment as long as it is scheduled within 30 days of the original appointment.   

Then I will ask you to text back the night before a morning appointment to confirm and get the address or the time will not be held so set a reminder.  

When you text to confirm like we agreed I will give you the exact address and ask you to text before heading over.  This is all to avoid any wasted trips.  Nsver head ro an appointment with a provider without communicating that you are on your way.  

Once you arrive be sure to follow any special directions you were given.  If you weren't given special instructions then plan on entering through the main entrance.  Don't be nervous.

Text me and tell me you've arrived and I will respond either with the room number or I may need a couple more minutes.    

Once I send the room number come on in.  You've been to hotels before.  Has anyone ever stopped you and asked why you were there?  No. 

The best advice I have is to hold your cell phone up to your ear as though you are on it.  Say loud enough to be heard Just got back to the hotel I'll call you back after I get back to the room.  Or just walk through.

I stay at nice enough hotels that it doesn't even cross the employees minds that a provider is in the hotel.  The cheap hotels are the ones to avoid.  They know what they are looking for.

Bring with you protection, not the pew pew kind but the latex ones.  You can bring the pew pew kind too just be sure to tell me before hand so its not a surprise.  

In the room you are home free.  Just relax and know you are safe with me.

This is where the fun begins and I will make sure to ease your mind the moment you walk in by doing something that law enforcement shouldn't do. We can talk until you are comfortable or depending on time just get to know each other physically and mentally at the same time.

I cant wait to meet you and help you feel like a man again. You deserve it after everything you do for everyone else. Its your turn to be taken care of for a change.

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