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How To Get Alone Time To Spend With A Provider

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Have you ever considered hiring an escort or sex worker but wondered how you could safely make it happen? Gone are the days of having the lady come to your home one night while your wife is away visiting family or off on a trip for work.

You can't invite a woman to your home anymore because most homes have security systems like the Ring Doorbell system. That one camera is enough to tell on you in real-time. You must set aside time away from the house to be safe.

For most clients, getting together away from home still isn't safe enough because their phones are connected to tracking apps like Life360, where people get to track the teenagers in their lives. The problem is they don't think when accepting the invite that now their spouse gets to track their every move.

If you aren't one of the lucky men who travel for work or whose wives travel for work, you are going to have to come up with a reason why you are going to be unreachable for the next hour or two.

Being safe has to be the number one goal because regardless of how great of an experience you and I have, if you get caught, it will not be worth it.

Never act recklessly when booking with a provider. Give yourself plenty of time to take every precaution needed to ensure that you don't destroy everything with one slip-up

Apps like Life360 aren't hidden, so at least you know about this. It tells your exact location, how fast you are driving, whether you have any hard braking issues, if you use your phone while driving, and the rapid excel ration.

Countless clients face these obstacles when trying to get a block of time to spend with a sex worker. My clients have shared some of the tricks that have worked for them, so I figured I should share them with you!

The first thing you must know is if you are being tracked. Not all spouses let you know they have installed a tracking device either in your phone or your vehicle. If you haven't been asked to join an app like Life360, don't assume you are safe. Especially if infidelity has ever been a problem in your relationship, it's far too easy and cheap to spy on your spouse for most women to trust fully.

The good news is there are just as many apps to detect hidden spyware on your phone.

You used to have access to the device you wanted to spy on to install hidden apps, but today, they claim that you don't have to touch the targeted device.

Before we move on, NEVER forget about Google's My Activity under the Google setting. If your spouse has your email password, they could be accessing all of your online searches and can see a timeline of all your locations, your emails, videos you watch on YouTube.

Just follow the instructions above to see what your spouse can find out about your activity online.

If you know you have an app like Life360 but you cannot just uninstall the app when you want to make an appointment with a provider likely to take place at a hotel.

Clients will ask what other places of business are around the hotel we arrange to meet at so they can park their car in the parking lot of a neighboring business like Walgreens, a restaurant, or coffee shop. They must not forget to leave their phone in the car and walk over to hotel.

Also if your phone has a battery saver option when you get low on battery life Life360 will stop updating your location. So if there isn't a business you feel comfortable parking you can turn your battery saver on and you are safe from being tracked.

You can also leave your phone at the office and pick it up on the way home.

Do you have any other recommendations on how to safely set time aside to spend time with your favorite provider?

If so please send me your ideas!!

Or text at: 502.610.1931

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Great ideas thanks!

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