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Tips to stay safe while seeing escorts.

In my mind your privacy and safety are more important than how good of a blow job you got from a provider. If your privacy is compromised there's going to be hell to pay, right.

Never would I put you in compromising situation.. Not now nor have I ever had any affiliation with law enforcement.. If you see me that is not a worry that is founded though I understsnd its only natural to be cautious, after seeing those terrible Chris Hansom shows in the 90,'s but he was looking for men who had been sending inappropriate emails and chatting privately online with girls who told him they were preteens or barely teenagers.

Then he arranges meetings alone with the girls often driving across state lines even to get the chance to have his way with girls that were just that girls. Little girls at that..

The police are who you should concern yourself with, your wife is. The easiest way to get busted by her, is by using your real phone number. That's the worst thing you can do. What you have to do is download a free text app. The ones I recommend are textnow or textfree it won't cost you anything and when you're done dealing with the escort simply delete the app, and she will no longer have any way of getting in contact with you.

If or when you want to reach out to her again simply search her ad, and you'll find her phone number. If she isn't advertising she probably isn't working.

Girls are known for reaching out at the worst possible moment. They do this for a plethora of reasons according to their voice on the other e d of the line but you don't want that to happen so follow my advice.

If you've already seen a provider and used your actual phone number then find her number again and consider blocking it. There's no reason she needs to contact you between meetings unless your relationship with her warrants that. If I were you I'd block her and just come back and unblock if you wish to visit again.

Never take anything of value into a session but also don't leave that stuff in your cat in the parking lot. So leave it at home, in your hotel safe, or at the office. The only thing you'll need is the session is you, the session fee, and I'd bring protection and my phone.

Use protection, regardless of you wanting to go bare back. Your wife doesn't deserve to get an std, and probably something untreatable because if she's willing to do you unprotected then she's seeing others unprotected. Period. You are risking your health, your partners health mentally and medically. Not to mention risking total destruction of your life as you know it a because you'd rather not use protection. Please listen.

Ask to look around room or residence when doing incall BEFORE paying so if a guy jumps out you can leave without worrying about your 300 dollars.

Once your satisfied there's nobody in the incall location be sure the door gets locked by the chain or the latch above the deadbolt so someone even with a key cannot just barge on while you are nude and run you off without getting your 300 dollars.

You get the idea right. Use some common sense and go out there and POP!

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Excellent advice! Thank you

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