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Why Are Sex Workers Asking For Electronic Payments Instead of Cash

Are you running into a lot of deposit requests and app payment-only situations? You aren't the only one. Cash has always been the obvious choice for payment in the sex industry for reasons that mostly protect the client.

Typically I'm all for protecting my clients regardless. I still am and if you follow a couple of tips you can use apps like Cashapp and Venmo safely too.

First off what brought this new shift upon us?

Providers first in Chicago started warning girls online to stop taking cash and only accept cash apps or Bitcoin because clients were robbing providers. Eventually, we started hearing more stories and then began experiencing it ourselves.

What they do is find a provider that says she accepts cash, then he books an appointment and pays cash. After he has fully enjoyed the session with the provider he's dressed again and about to leave that's when the robbery happens.

They pull a gun or just strong arm rob the provider who doesn't want to draw any attention to herself and doesn't want to get hurt, so she gives up the money easily.

Now the guy has gotten sex just like he wanted it. Some gave a tip knowing that he was going to take it right back. (It's always best to tip a provider before the session, with the initial fee because then she can show you how thankful she is. Afterward, all she can do is say thank you.)

It would be bad enough if that was as far as it went but not only does he expect the money that he gave the provider back now he wants any other funds the provider has as well.

In the end, the client has robbed her of any funds she has in the room which sometimes could be a lot.

If more hotels would have safes downstairs away from the room that might help but who knows?

Providers can't have any unwanted attention because more than the police we are most worried about our standing with hotels.

Providers often live in the hotel they are working out of and if we don't live there we still like to go back to hotels that we've been to before. Hotels that we'd like to frequent again.

We build relationships with the employees and they have no idea what we are truly staying in the hotel for at least in my experience.

Anytime an employee caught wind I was always asked to leave and after a while, you run out of good hotels and that is a serious problem. I've also lost two very nice apartments because somebody saw an ad of mine or something alerted them, possibly the traffic. There isn't much I wouldn't have done to keep a threat from outing me.

Some providers that continue to accept cash have been hit multiple times, sometimes by the same guy.

For that reason, payment apps are on the rise. Even if they don't ask for a deposit they won't accept cash in the room. Just telling clients they accept cash is all it takes to become a victim. We tell them right where to find us. It couldn't be easier.

Now they are booking sessions and not even paying for a session. If you agree to take cash they know that you probably have cash so they book the appointment just to rob the provider and if she's lucky they aren't interested in sex.

If you are married you might think payment apps make it impossible but in truth they might make it easier.

The provider should have an account that has a man's name on it and or a mainly sounding business account. That way clients can simply tell their wives they purchased something.

Cashapp is nice because you can change the name at will so if you are into fishing your provider can make her account called Tackle Box Outlet, or Sports Time. Anything that a wife wouldn't question.

I hope this helps and if anyone has more tips on using electronic transfers or payment apps let me know.

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