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To My Client's Wives

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

If you are here, I guess you are looking for answers or a fight. Maybe both. Before you put on your boxing, gloves, take a moment and talk to me. You might be surprised to hear what I have to say.

First none of my clients choose to call on me without lots of reluctance. He wants to avoid hurting you or risk his home life. Nothing has changed with his love for you. He isn't just sex-crazed and seeking to bed as many women as possible.

He didn't call me because you aren't pretty or sexy enough,, and he isn't hoping to replace you.

Your spouse doesn't wish to spend time with me. He would rather spend time with you. For whatever reason, it's none of my business, but life has impeded the intimacy that brought the two of you together.


Think for a moment how many times you have told him no in the past.  After a while it starts to feel like every no is a rejection. It hurts...bad..

Guys aren't like women. We enjoy sex… but we don't have to have it.

We don't have to fight the urge to masturbate several times a day because it has been months since our man went downtown.  If we are in the mood 90 percent of the time all we have to do is drop a hint or two.  

Your husband doesnt have that luxury.   You are busy,, tired, he left his clothes on the floor again and after a baby or two, we often feel unsexy and the last thing we want to do is advertise that by performing cowgirl on the man we love.  We want him to consider us perfect.


What you don't understand is that despite what you see in the mirror your husband still finds you beautiful and he wants to be intimate with you..  Your husband thinks you are beautiful inside and out. How do I know? He tells me…to the point I begin to be self-conscious myself because there's no way I can measure up.

No, I am not interested in turning him away from you. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact. Unlike a girlfriend, if he calls me the next day I'll block him.

My service is like getting a massage. There's a soreness and my job is to offer some relief. There's no way I could ever cure this anguish. That is something only you could do. After being shot down over and over, your partner wonders why their life partner  no longer desires them.

Why is the woman that he chose above all others no longer laughs at his stupid jokes or kisses him goodnight. 

After a while, he becomes resentful. That resentment starts festering,, and he starts to rationalize stepping out of the relationship to soothe this ache that he no longer can rub away himself. A woman…preferably you, is required. If that isn't an option, he starts to look elsewhere.

You are here,, so you are one of the lucky ones. You married a man smart enough to know that affairs have the potential to destroy your marriage at much higher odds.

Girlfriends wish to dethrone wives. All of them do. The problem is that your companion isn't going anywhere. Remember, he chooses you.

Now the girlfriend gets upset, when that happens, she will make sure that his wife finds out, so he will hurt the way she does.

Now everyone's life is upside-down and the two of you are even less likely to be intimate.


The vicious cycle commences and there's no end in sight. By hiring a professional,, he ensures you won't be the unknowing enemy of some lover he would rather not have. 

Escorts are paid for a set amount of time and when that moment is over she says goodbye not concerned about whether she ever encounters him again.

She can take it or leave it. 

She prefers not to sit in your throne…at the most, she hopes she can relieve some animosity your spouse has for you and he can come home and be present without a festering bitterness that has developed.

He can love and enjoy all the wonderful things he cherishes about you. Hopefully, it takes some pressure off you.

Now you can hate me, and call me all the terrible names you believe fit so well, but please, if you love your husband and want your relationship to be successful, then kindly say yes. Say yes to blow jobs, to him, performing oral on you. If you don't climax, don't let him stop. 

Even if it takes an hour. He will treasure every second. Don't be shy…this is the man who chose you out of every other woman on earth to be his wife. You are perfect.

If he isn't doing something right, tell him. He will welcome your input, and he will do what you ask of him.

To be continued

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