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Men Who Visit Sex Workers Are Keepers

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

I'm a provider, but you can call me a prostitute if you want. I am not ashamed of what I do. I am A sex worker and that is what I ‌do.

You use that word or any other awful name you think describes people like me like a weapon. Something to put me in my place, but my place might be closer to you than you want to believe.

I do business with clients, not John's and I don't have a pimp. Yes, some of us struggle with addiction, but addiction can be found in all professions. The good news is they can and do recover.

It's not for you to pass judgment. We call ourselves providers because we provide a much-needed service. That service isn't for perverts or sex-crazed men but for good, upstanding people in the community.

Our clients are fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, and your friends. Don't call us sluts; we might like it. We are mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters, and your friends.

Yes, many providers come from broken homes and some of us have daddy issues, but that isn't a despicable trait. Those experiences make us stronger. It definitely doesn't make us unworthy of respect.

We don't do this job because we are too stupid to get a 9-to-5 5. Many leave high-level positions to work solely as a provider. The work is much more rewarding.

Bringing life back into a man's life can be heartwarming and the rewards both monetarily and mentally are never-ending when a provider and client are properly matched.

Our clients aren't too ugly to find a little action; most are married. In fact, I always say that men who visit sex workers are keepers! They are handsome enough, successful enough to date, and have enough sense and respect for their wives to know a girlfriend is a bigger betrayal.

Girlfriends usually aim to be wives.

Which leads to jealousy, and the girlfriend gets hurt. Hurt girlfriends lash out. They hurt and misery loves company. The man deserves almost anything she will dish out, except she will hurt his wife, too. If he won't run away with the girlfriend, she won't be able to deny that it's his wife that he loves. Not her. Instead of cutting her losses, many girlfriends tell the wife. It's the last-ditch effort to win him. If his wife knows about her, she will walk out and then the man will run to her, right? No... Now everyone is hurt. Girlfriends are far too risky.

Providers, on the other hand, want their client's relationship to blossom. They hope to relieve the tension that inevitably occurs in marriages where intimacy is a thing of the past.

Our clients love their wives, but they are living a life void of true intimacy. Life gets busy with work, kids, and before you know it the sex is either super vanilla and even more infrequent or no intimacy at all.

Still, he doesn't want to leave her; he just needs relief. Intimacy is a need, not a want for men.

Women don't realize that.

Providers give intimacy and their clients can drop the resentments and enjoy all the wonderful things about his partner.

Our clients provide for their families, spend time with their families, and hold jobs in all the fields you think are above spending time with the likes of women like me.

So, call us whatever makes you feel better about yourself and pray that you or a loved one does not ever find themselves in a position of have-to when it comes to sex work but a position of Damn, I'm Lucky.

There is no reason I shouldn't enjoy getting to spend time with guys somebody snatched up already. I get to enjoy the good ones every day. The catches recharge with me because they are in a intimacy-starved relationship and they don't want to walk away. So don't think they are anything other than ‌men that somebody loved enough to marry.

Don't judge us; we don't judge you...unless you aren't fucking your husband...then I can't help it.

Forgive me.


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